Sunday, December 3, 2017

Understanding Cutting Plotters

Cutting plotters are large scale cutting devices that produce ready cut graphics, mylar, and vinyl lettering. The devices are attached to a computer that directs their working. You can use the devices in vehicle graphics, billboard advertising, and sign making. The plotters provide you with speed and accuracy thus helping you complete your work fast and with great precision.

How the plotters work

As mentioned, the units are connected to a computer that is equipped with a specialized cutting program. The program sends the necessary cutting designs and dimensions to the device's cutting knife so that you can achieve the cut that you are interested in. For the material to be cut, you have to roll or sheet feed it to the plotter. Once the material reaches the flat cutting surface, the cutting knife makes the necessary cuts and the material rolls off the cutting surface to make room for the next material.

You should note that the device can't cut all the materials. Materials such as fabric and leather can't be easily cut when you feed them using the roll or sheet fed process. The materials don't have a rigid backing that allows them to move freely on the roll-feeders thus they should be cut using another method. Instead of feeding them through a roll feeder, you should place them on a vacuum cutting table that has small air holes. The vacuum suction system secures the material in place so that it can be cut by the cutting knife.

Factors to consider when buying cutting plotters

When buying the units you need to consider a number of factors. One of the factors is the size of the plotter. The best size of plotter you should go for should be informed by the size of your office. As mentioned, the cutting plotters are generally large but they come at different prices. Before you head to the store you should take the measurements of your space and buy a unit that will adequately fit there. You should leave enough space in front and behind the plotter to allow you to walk freely in the room. The extra space also allows the large paper to lay undisturbed when the other portions are being cut.

You should also consider where you are buying your machine from. As rule of thumb ensure that you buy from a reputable cutting plotters store. This calls for you to research and go with a company with the best reviews.

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