Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Manufacturing A Wire Harness in Mexico - What You Need To Know

Given the penchant for many business to try to save money, it is fairly commonplace to see a company take its manufacturing processes outside of the United States. This goes for manufacturers such as those that make wire harnesses, but it is important for these manufacturers to think a bit about the wire harness Mexico could produce versus a location thousands of miles away.

For decades, the prospect of moving any manufacturing into Mexico has had its ups and downs. Years of political tension have certainly played a part in making a transition to our country's neighbor to the south a bit tougher a sell. Moreover, customers have perhaps made up their own minds when it comes to having products come from Mexico because they've heard enough to make them feel they won't get a great product.

This hearsay and misinformation is bad for business, so it's important that wire harness manufacturers rethink their stance on Mexico and what it can offer. Here are a few points to consider:

Lower Operating Costs While Maintaining High Standards - Manufacturers of wire harnesses send production abroad because they know that labor is less expensive, which means bigger profits. These manufacturers, however, are unaware that Mexico has very competitive operating costs, especially in the interior of the country. Manufacturers have found that the workforce is solid and that knowledge of the field is sound.

Market Sustainability Very High - Wire harnesses are used in just about every possible type of industry you can imagine and have been for many years. They are used in some of the most sustainable markets with a dedicated customer base, so with production being moved to Mexico contributing to the country's own growth, the ability to manufacturer "down south" looks to be a good move for the future.

Easier Access to Site by Manufacturer - If something goes wrong at manufacturing site abroad and an issue has to be addressed in person, how long would it take to get feet on the ground to begin the resolution process? How many resources would be used? By staying close by, a manufacturer has an easier time being physically available to address issues and run inspection of the process. Moreover, having a manufacturing site strategically placed can make for getting product to a customer much easier with lower cost than having to travel longer distances.

Protection of Intellectual Property - For quite some time, there have been issues noted by manufacturers who operate abroad that stem from an inability to protect their intellectual property. A wire harness may not make most people think twice so long as it seems to do the trick, but a cheap knock-off that bears a resemblance to a company's product could cause distrust among potential, and even current, customers.

The wire harness Mexico is capable of manufacturing should make you pay closer attention to what Mexico can offer. Moreover, the upside to this business relationship is having customers feel as though your product is still of stellar quality, up-to-date on industry standards, and that issues that may come up can be addressed relatively quicker & easier.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

5 Tips To Monitor Users On Instagram Brands And Blogs Should Know About

Have you ever thought that your Instagram account can be used not just for posting pictures and videos and making friends but also in a more extensive way?
Instagram is the most famed social media nowadays. Everyday users post 55 million photos and make 1 billion likes. Why not using it to grow your business or blog, to build your marketing strategy and finally to be aware of all trends?
Let’s try to analyze how tracking of an Instagram user’s account can be useful.

Know your business competitors.
If you have a brand or a blog it’s obviously that you have many competitors on your field and they have Instagram accounts. You should learn from your competitors by monitoring them on social media.

What can you learn? First, their activity and their actions on Instagram: what they like and comment, whom they follow so to understand how they engage their customers. It means you can get and study their growth strategy to adapt it to your brand’s one.
Plus you can track what their audience likes and is likely to share, what users followed and unfollowed them recently. Surely you can use the stats to attract these users on your side.

Know your customers.
For each successful business the understanding of the customers’ interests and needs is a must. The best way to know them is monitoring and tracking their social media accounts. On Instagram you can see what photos they like best and what users they are interested in. They comment photos and videos that they are engaged by and it’s easy to analyze videos and pictures updates that are working well, to find a perfect mix of content and make changes that will be the most suitable on your Instagram profile. By acting this way you will reach out your audience: keep your customers and attract the new ones.

Understand influencers.
Nowadays influencers have a great impact on social media especially on Instagram Marketing. By mapping the influencers you’ll find those who speak to your ideal consumers and users who wouldn’t have been exposed to your brand. When identifying the content creators you want to deal with, try to understand their effectiveness with the promotion, their followers and followings growth, and their engagement in comments with the audience so you could be sure to choose the best influencers for your campaign.

Draw engagers attention.
You can classify all the users into three groups. Who are the engagers? These users act most: they like a lot, follow a lot of people per day and comment plenty of photos and videos. When you find them just tag some of their pictures to attract their attention. These are the people you want in your crowd and they often follow you having to follow them.

Be aware of trends.
If the information on your website/blog is outdated it won’t help you to keep your audience engaged. Following the hot topics gives you the insights into what people are looking for on Instagram. The great way for being trendy is to see what your customers are discussing in comments on videos and photos, find their hashtags for emerging trends. It will help you to find content ideas for your posts and products and tailor your marketing methods.

Choose the best way of Instagram tracking.
The plenty of apps and services for monitoring social media exist nowadays. The great part of them are dedicated to Instagram user’s popularity analyzing likes, views and followers got by user. But what if you need to track the user actions: what and when he liked, commented and whom he followed?
There is Instagram monitoring platform Snoopreport launched recently. It collects and organizes all the user’s activity data from Instagram in weekly and monthly reports.
You’re provided with
- an opportunity to monitor several Instagram users
- all likes made by the tracking user
- comments on photos and videos
- Instagram accounts that user followed
- the user’s rating of his followings and the weekly changes of this rating
- the option to download the reports in PDF and CSV
If you want to look at Instagram user’s activity data, Snoopreport is an affordable option. It will give you a new perspective on Instagram activity stats and help you to improve your performance and engagement.

As the social media is integral part of our lives, it’s important to grow the social media presence and to invest to 3d-party services. It will help you to manage the marketing strategy by tracking and analyzing your customer’s behavior. Make better business decisions based on user’s actions data.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sharing Data With International Security Organizations and Spy Agencies - Slippery Slope

Maybe we do need a rather substantial push back from globalism, maybe the global elite have pushed a bridge too far. Did you know that we are sharing data about our citizens with international security organizations and they with us? It's true. One could say this global safety net is for our protection, and yet, I wonder. You see, as a business person whose done business internationally, I hate to think all my communication data is being shared with others in other governments, who can use that data, sell it to my competitors or interfere in my business efforts. Whose idea was this?

"Oh, we need it for global security against terrorists" they say. Well, if we were not busy having wars for oil resources, or stirring up the hornet's nest in the middle east, there would be a lot less terrorism in the world. Do we really need to collect data at this level on all of our citizens? No. Likewise, do we really need to share all our data with the rest of the world, remember we can trust them even less than our own government insider corrupted scoundrels?

Now then, another troubling thing is that we give foreign surveillance teams access to our public's information; Britain, Vatican (to protect the Pope during travels), Germany, France, EU, etc. All this sharing means too many people have access to all this information. Many nations in the EU are pretending to protect their public from us prying, but the reality is we have reciprocal agreements for data sharing, especially cloud data now.

Having the voting records for everyone is problematic, as it can be accessed by anyone, foreign spies can find sympathizers, or know who their major opponents are for media feed manipulation, just as Google and Facebook tailor the news to what you most likely want to hear, thus, clouding your judgement pro or con a particular party, candidate, or thoughts on a specific issue, just like CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News might, or the NYTs, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe or Miami Herald, see that challenge too?

If you really believe all this data collection, privacy intrusion, and surveillance is good for you, our society, or our future, it is evident to me that you don't study your own history, or understand the Machiavellian world we live in. We all agree information is power, so why would you turn over all your information to your government, a foreign government or foreign spies and hackers? Think on this.

Lance Winslow is an Online Author, his latest eBooks are about Internet Privacy. Lance Winslow is semi-retired and Founder of the Online Think Tank http://www.WorldThinkTank.net - You may contact Lance Winslow by email for dialogue, discourse, discussion, or debate on interesting topics.