Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why Is Color Printing Still a Big Thing?

No matter how far ahead we move in the game of digitalization, paper and print will always be an important part of the journey. This is not just a naysayer’s statement made to deny the shift from manual to digital. It’s something that technologists to traditionalists will confirm at this point. While on one hand, there is no use denying that the world we live in today is a digital one, printed communication is still critical to the whole process, or else there wouldn’t be this legion of printers Jacksonville FL who are working day and night to meet the supply needs of the domestic companies.

Let’s take a closer look at how printing still holds the central place in communication even in the era of digitization.

Business Cards: Business cards will continue to exist with pride and importance as long as people believe in face-to-face meetings and conferences. Although windows like Skype has largely bridged the physical distances between businesses and entities bringing a little closer to one another, people still meet each other in person for business reasons. So, business cards Jacksonville FL are going to be around for a long time in the future. There is no known digital supplement that is going to replace it anytime soon. 

Billboard Posters: What else still requires paper and printing? A billboard banner. To be more accurate, its vinyl and print. Some may make a case by referring to the flashing digital billboards of Times Square as a glaring example of how billboard posters are going to be a thing of the past, but that argument can be countered by millions of billboards set up along highways and inner city roads in countries across the world that host nothing but printed posters. Let’s face it, poster printing services Jacksonville FL are cheaper and they receive the same impressions as a digital billboard. So, its win-win for the advertising companies, and less distracting for the commuters.  

Flyers: What do you think of these little chits of paper passed on to the pedestrians while they are going to work coming back home? Yes, there is every chance that you will trash the flyer the moment you are out of visibility of the guy who handed it to you, but not before you have cast a cursory glance at the content. Research indicates that flyers in fact get more impressions than ad mails, when passed on in person. 

Brochures: You go to a store looking for a service, a supermarket for some daily goods, or a restaurant for a takeaway; you are greeted with these little leaflets. Although not of any perceivable value, most people flip through the pages before discarding them in the trash. Because a paper brochure is a real thing, the effect is more immediate than a digital newsletter. 

Magazines: Magazines are still one of the highest impulse buys in a supermarket, next to the read-made food section. You inadvertently look at a magazine cover; chances are that you will take a sweeping glance at the key phrases before taking your eyes off.

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